7 Football Index Tips for 2020

If you like Football Index, we share the passion for football and for betting.
It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or a seasoned user.
I believe the Football Index Tips I am going to share can be useful to anyone.

football index tips

I want to give you some Football Index Tips that are coming from my direct experience. I have been using this platform since 2016, when it was just launched.
But first, I want to clarify a couple of points. If you know these things already, feel free to skip the intro and go straight to my Football Index Tips.

Can I make Money with Football Index?

In a nutshell, yes you can. But always remember that if someone is making money, someone else is losing it.

How do I make money?

There are two ways: profit gain and dividends. In the first case, you make money when a player grows his value and you sell him.
In the second one, based on performance (goals scored, assists etc.) or on media buzz and based on the owned shares, you will get some dividends.

Is it still profitable?

I would say it’s getting more profitable. There are two main reasons: more people are joining the platform, so the capital invested is higher. Players’ careers have swings, new talents grow, old players retire. It’s a never-ending game.

Can I become a millionaire?

If you search Football Index Millionaire on Google, you might come across the story of a guy who manages a 6-figures portfolio on Football Index.

I can’t exclude there are people making huge amounts of money out of this platform.

BUT, I would say that having a ROI between 50% and 200% would allow you to stay on the top 5% of players.

Translated: expecting to have a return of up to 3 times your investment is possible, so if you want to make a million you should have 300k ready to invest, in the best case scenario.
Also, Football Index is not a platform designed for millionaires: even though there is no limit to the money you can invest, every transaction can be maximum £300.
If you want to buy shares worth £1,500 you have to make 5 different operations, every time with the price going up. Idem when you sell those shares.

My 7 Football Index Tips

Here below, I share some of my favorite Football Index Tips.
They are in random order, and there might be some missing.

Tip 1:  buy low -sell high

Everybody wants to sign Mbappé, Neymar, Sancho and Haaland. The problem with these players is they have the highest prices and we don’t know how further these prices will grow. The risk is you overpay for shares as when you’re at the top, you can also go down

Tip 2: Have an exit plan

Compare the player you want to buy with other similar players: age, role, team, likelihood he can win a trophy, probability he gets injured or he joins a new team. Is he gonna play or a new signing will take his place, letting him on the bench the entire season?
You should have an idea of a couple of similar players. What is the price of these players’ shares? Is the price fluctuating or is it quite constant over time? Is it likely to grow?

Once you have this information, you can set the price at which you will sell your new signing and then just stick to it. Be patient, don’t be greedy.

Avoid wishful thinking

Our decision making can be biased by many factors. One of these is your affection for your favorite team. You think, this year my team is going to make a great season; consequently, I expect the players to grow their value so it will be good to invest in them.

Exactly like you should avoid betting in your own favorite team, don’t buy players just because they play in the team you support, unless you have data to support your decision.

80-20 rule: go all-in

Every marketer and investor know this simple yet powerful rule.
In any business, there is always a 20% of inputs generating the 80% of outputs. It’s all about efficiency.
I know most of Football Index gurus out there will tell you to diversify your portfolio. Fair enough, but my strategy is a bit different.
If the potential value growth is 5 times higher than the possible loss of value, why wouldn’t you invest most of your money on just few players?

Consider the spread

With the term spread, we simply refer to the difference between the buy price and the sell price.

Focus on players with a spread as lowest as possible. The lower the spread, the higher your margin.
If you want to make a profit, the gain must be higher than the spread and the 2% commission on the selling price.

Play the amount of money you can afford to lose

This is a general rule of thumb which every gambler (and investor too) should take seriously.

Never forget you are risking your own money and it’s not guaranteed you are making any profit.
The amount of money you can afford to lose is something subjective, different from person to person.
It’s a sum money that will not affect your life, if you lose it. Give importance to your money and remember how difficult it is to earn it.

Start small and escalate

I know the enthusiasm when you start something new, something you really like and you believe you know like your pockets.
Everybody’s a football expert nowadays.
The thing is Football Index is driven by the market: your success depends on how you predict the market’s reaction to some football events, rather than on mere football knowledge.

So, my suggestion is to familiarize with the platform. Make mistakes. You are not gonna win money all the time. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.
Just make sure you winnings are higher than the losses.
Start small, try to double your money, withdraw your initial investment and start over again.
This way, you’ll get rid of the fear of losing and make better decisions.
You’re ready to start the expansion process.

Football Index Tips for season 2020/2021

Football Index is a British platform, offered ONLY to players based in the UK, so it’s easy to understand few fundamental insights.

Footballers in Premier League tend to have higher value.

British players playing in other European leagues tend to have a higher value.

Footballers who play the Champions League tend to have higher value and visibility.

Often, a player’s value on Football Index doesn’t reflect the real value, nor performance.

These are generic rules of thumb to consider, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t opportunities elsewhere, for example in Serie A, the Italian league.

Here below, I give you two recommendations for the current season, and I will explain my decision making process.

Diogo Dalot

Diogo is a Portuguese wing-back owned by Manchester United on a 1 year loan to AC Milan.
Extremely talented, has shown very little of his skills so far. In Milan, with the Rossoneri going back to top levels, he has the chance to play more often.
On the left side of Milan defense, Theo Hernandez has a buy price of £2.82, which defines the max price for role and team.
As of today (15th October 2020), the buy price of Diogo is at its minimum, so the value can’t go lower than this.
With a conservative, yet realistic approach, let’s assume the Portuguese defender is not going to score and assist as much as Hernandez.

diogo dalot football index
Still, alongside with a good player’s performance, the value can grow.
I would say Diogo’s price could grow up to £1.60.
In any case, this is a low risk- high reward signing which is worth a try.
Worst case scenario: player’s performance doesn’t take off and keeps /loses a bit of value and you sell him to re-invest money in someone else.
Best case scenario, you double your investment.

I hope these football index tips can help you get the maximum ut of this amazing platform.

Share your thoughts and don’t forget to comment.

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